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China Export Control Law Draft Material

China's export control bill was announced on June 16 this year and public comment was recruited. CISTEC examined this measure and submitted comments to the Treaty Lawyers of MOFCOM. The following are the bill and public comments submitted by CISTEC.
(1) China Export Control Law Bill <Summary of recruitment guide, Annex 1, Annex 2> (Japanese)
(2) China Export Control Law Bill <Summary of recruitment guide, Annex 1, Annex 2> (Chinese)
(3)China Export Control Law Bill <Annex2> (English)

[Submitted on 14 February 2018〕
(1) Joint Comments by 13 Industrial Associations of US, Europe and Japan (English)
(2) Same as above(Japanese Translation)
(3) Joint Comments by EGADD (UK Industrial Association) and CISTEC (English)

〔Submitted on 1 December 2017〕
(1) (Principal economic organizations Jointly submitted )
      Additional Opinion Brief on China’s Draft Export Control Act (Japanese)
(2) Same as above (Chinese)
(3) Same as above (English)

〔Submitted on 13 July 2017〕 
(1) Public comments from CISTEC (Japanese)
(2) Same as above (Chinese)
(3) Same as above (English)

◆Request to METI,JAPAN
 [Submitted on 5 December]
 (1) Request form to METI (Japanese)
 (2) Same as above (English) 

【Reference 1】Strategic Trade Center Site of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) of MOFCOM
※Various research reports on the examination process of this export control bill are published.

【Reference 2】 An explanatory article by Mr. Ren Qing, the lawyer of Global Law Office
(Chinese) (English)

【Reference 3】 "article of World ECR"
Japan’s CISTEC publishes China export control concerns

【Reference 4】 An explanatory article by Ms. Anne H.Y. Peng etc., the lawyers of Baker McKenzie
What to Watch: Draft Export Control Law of China